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Engagement Story, Part 2

Here is the story of our engagement from Mike’s perspective:

Chapter 1: Buying the Ring
It was a conversation in the car over Thanksgiving that started the ring search. Jen told me to talk Shawn. She had gone to the mall, tried on rings, and sent the one she liked to Shawn in an email with her ring size.

So I talked to Shawn.

She sent me the link to the ring Jen liked, and I started doing research online.

A couple weeks later I finally got together with Shawn to go look at rings. We met at the mall and found the ring Jen had sent in the email at one of those mall jewelry chains. We grabbed dinner from the food court and looked at a couple of the other jewelry stores. It was approaching 8 PM, and all the jewelry store were closing. We decided to see if we could get to one of the stores outside the mall so we headed to my car and started making calls to see if any of them were staying open late. The first one, a national discount chain, we called and the doors were already locked at 8:03 and there was no way they would stay open late. The second one we called was a local chain, and they were willing to stay open late for us.

We got there, and looked. I picked out a diamond and decided on a setting. I made a deal and it was done. I’d have the ring in a week.

Chapter 2: Hot Potato
So I had a ring.

It felt like it was burning a hole in my pocket. I had to get rid if this thing. But that meant I had to do one thing first. I had to talk to her dad.

I knew my only chance to talk to her dad would the Thursday before Christmas. If I didn’t do by then, it would have to wait until after New Years, since Jen was driving to her parents that day. If you read the last paragraph, you know that wasn’t an option. Plus, I had the day off and was already driving home for Christmas, so I could make a 3 hour detour (on a 3 hour drive) and beat Jen there and leave. Jen would be none the wiser.

I had her dad’s card and cell phone number from when he backed into my car. And I had just finished getting estimates to fix my bumper, so I needed to talk to him anyway. So I gave him a call and arranged to meet.

We ended up meeting at their house. Her parents fed me reheated pizza from lunch, since I was running a little late. I got there and we sat down at the table. Her mom had set me a place for lunch. I was a little awkward. As I ate lunch, I gave her parents the estimates to fix bumper and let them look those over as I ate. Once that was done, we moved on the main event. I showed them the ring, and I asked her dad for permission to marry Jen. He of course said yes. I then asked for help on the proposal.

If there is one thing you need to know about her dad, it’s that he loves chocolate. I brought her dad some chocolates I had gotten from my favorite store Costco. Too bad I forgot to bring them in until after we had sat down and talked. But everything turned out well, and I left their house with a plan to propose.

Chapter 3: Showtime
So I had a ring. And I had her dad’s permission. Now I needed the girl.

I went with my first instinct: to surprise her on Christmas day at her parents’ house. She wouldn’t be expecting to see me until the Wednesday after Christmas.

Her parents were helping. This was the plan as sent to me by her dad:

1. you text from the driveway (having given some updates so we know about when this will be)
2. I take Jennifer out of the room
3. you are waiting by the door and when the room is cleared Rexann will open the door
4. you get positioned however you want
5. Rexann will call me back

So I get up Christmas morning, do the Christmas thing, and then get ready. I leave my parents’ house with the threat of rain that evening. And drive. For 3 hours. I make sure to keep her parents updated on my eta. I finally get to Montgomery, and let her dad know I’m 10 minutes away.

Then I arrive. I sit in the driveway for a minute preparing myself. It was raining, so I txt her dad that I’m outside, and get out of the car and wait under the carport. I make sure the ring is in my right jacket pocket. A minute later her mom opens the door and waves me in.

It’s showtime!

So I’m standing there in her parent’s family room. Waiting. Making a little small talk with her mom. We hear her and her dad talking. I hear something about going to the bathroom from Jen, and the bathroom door close. Her dad sneaks into the family room.

A minute later she comes out from the back and says hi and stands there.

I remember saying surprise, and her just standing there.

We all stand where we are for minute making small talk. I remember her dad taking pictures with Jen’s new camera. I then move next to her, because she hasn’t taken one step towards me and is still standing by the door into the family room. I say hi, and we make small talk for a few more minutes. I’m kinda waiting for Jen to wind down, and that doesn’t seem to be happening. So I interrupt. I don’t remember exactly what I said. I do remember telling her that over the last 6 months or so she had become my best friend. I know I said more, but that was the one thing I really thought was important. As I ask her to marry me, I get down on my knee and pull out the ring. She immediately hugs me while I’m down on my knee and says yes.

I awkwardly stand up while she’s hugging me and we separate. She takes the ring and puts it on her finger.

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  1. Jessica Phan
    January 18, 2011 at 12:14 am

    lol! did you cry jen? I would’ve. haha

  2. Karina
    February 17, 2011 at 11:58 pm


    Wow, I am so happy you did this blogpost, Mike! Can’t wait for the wedding….. What an exciting proposal. Great job!

  3. March 9, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    awesome. 🙂

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